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It's a Wrap

Because it's almost the end of 2023, I wanted to share my favorite artists and songs from this year as well as say thank you to anyone that's been supporting my music. Whether that's streaming my song or coming out to the gigs or watching my videos, I really appreciate it! It's so odd to think the lyrics I write actually have an impact even if it's just a few people. Stay tuned for 2024! I promise new music is coming!! This year, I signed a fun, scary, little contract with some talented, amazing people. It's terrifying to think the songs I write in my bedroom or in my most sensitive moments will one day be out for everyone to hear. But, I'll never fear the vulnerability of sharing my words. More so, it's the apprehension of permanency and the battle of constantly fighting imperfection. Nevertheless, I'm pumped for 2024—manifesting opportunity and creative flow. Now, let's get into the music.

Without a doubt, Mac Miller is always at the top of my Spotify Wrapped. This year, I have been loving GO:OD AM. I kinda let myself explore Mac's discography as I come around to it because, unfortunately, there will be a day when there's no new music to discover. Number two was The 1975 which surprised me. I've always listened to their music but really got into them last year. Really loving the self-titled album and Being Funny in a Foreign Language this past year. Taylor Swift always seems to make it in my top five as well. She's had a huge year with her tour which was absolutely insane. Evermore and Folklore are definitely the albums I listen to most of hers. I love albums where you can create this scenic world in your mind as you're listening, and Taylor does just that with her storytelling and imagery. I'm not surprised by number four at all. Renee Rapp is such an incredible vocalist and performer. I saw her in Brooklyn at her Halloween show, and she is probably the best live vocalist I've ever seen. Not only is her tone crystal clear, but also her improvisation and versatility is remarkable. I fell in love with the production on her debut album, Snow Angel, that was released this year. Some favorites are Pretty Girls, Tummy Hurts, and I Hate Boston, but really, the whole album is amazing. Definitely recommend giving her a listen. Daniel Caesar has always been a staple of mine. I loved his new album, NEVER ENOUGH, but always go back to his debut studio album, Freudian. Some other honorable mentions that didn't make the top five are RAYE, boygenius, MARO, Sabrina Carpenter, Bruno Major, Stevie Wonder, JP Saxe, and Noah Kahan. But, please put your top artists or favorite songs from this year in the comments. I'm always looking for new music! And, I'll link my Top Songs 2023 playlist here as well:

Last but not least, I wanted to thank anyone who may have streamed my song this year. I don't really advertise or push my own music on social media, so I appreciate it if you've found me and have added it to your playlist. 17k isn't very many streams in the grand scheme of things, but maybe we're just desensitized to big numbers. Either way, I'm so grateful to be making music and will see you all next year! Cheers :)


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